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AB Crazy ft The Fratenity – Sorry Lyrics



AB Crazy ft The Fratenity - Sorry Lyrics

Sorry Lyrics By AB Crazy ft The Fratenity


Sorry them boys made it and you niggas didn’t
I’m sorry we in the bulding and you niggas ain’t
So sorry I’m sorry we done came up
Sorry now you niggas ain’t real enough
Sorry you hate the lames that I came with
Sorry you hate the broads that I roll with
Sorry them boys made it and you niggas didn’t
I’m sorry we in the bulding and you niggas ain’t

verse 1
Too many haters where I came from
I got tooomany niggas claiming they my day ones
real snakes don’t hiss no more they speak louder
They’re at home just bored and just gossip about us
I dropped my first album, niggas went out and bought it
Them other niggas they mad I didn’t share the profits
Now they dropping e-mails with a little details
Since I don’t mess with youo duded why would I fuck with yiour tunes
Whe I started you thought it was easy, you wrong niggas
Blue ticks is all you gte from me I’m gone bitches
You could probably get a picture or send a little sister
This relationship is messed up like it’s long distance
Keep my name out your mouth boy you don’t listen
We let the guns go bang and a boy missing
Siping on drinks sippingon drinks
I see you at every party I don’t see you at the banks


verse 2
I don’t wanna live a lie, I dont wanna suicide
I just wanna stay true ’til the day of my demise
I dont wanna live on hype, I dont wanna win the spite
On my enemies instead I’m praying that they stay alive
Mama raised no fool, I got my iterlect intact
I’m a GOAT and that’s a fact I’m an inferno too
We savages and outlaws we dont play by the rules
Man I know that we wont die poor, we pay our dues
I feel like I need vacation, ? and go away
Tired of being patient, wanna sip on bombei all day
I made a cocktail
If I put you under pressure then I’m sorry
Dont give a fuck about a hater, we gon celebrate
You cannot stop us, we got faith and every day we pray
You got a problem then you gotta say it to my face
Man these haters and these naysayers dont understand


verse 3
Theres a war outside no man i ssafe from
’cause people will do anything for that income
And i still wont pay attention to the insults
I’m so blessed and all your curses cant do nothing
where were you when we were planning it all
They cant touch me all they do is call lawyers to piss me off
you won the battle but you lost the war
I’m tryna find a better angle, i’m aiming at you boy
Lets get it popping one on on, yeah, me and you
Up in the studi AB performing miracles
Gossip is for the broads, you a silly dude
I stay blind to the hate like stevie do
My mama told me be careful, my brother dancing with devils
You know I want this forever
This beef we gon settle I dont know whet ahtey want from a nigga
Everyday I’m gonna pray, nigga fuck what you think


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