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Cassper Nyovest – Same Chair As Kanye Lyrics



Cassper Nyovest - Same Chair As Kanye Lyrics

Same Chair As Kanye Lyrics by Cassper Nyovest

Thinking back to when I was piss poor
When I would ask my daddy for something and he’d get pissed off
I never thought my thoughts were something I would get rich from
Man I can’t believe a nigga made it this far
I’m African American
I’m African by birth, I just wanted to be American
I never knew my worth
Until I stepped out of my country
And they knew nothing about me
But I knew a lot them
Started thinking like damn
Maybe it’s a calling
Maybe the rap ancestors chose us
Maybe telling them about Africa is what I’m supposed to
Back home they listening and hoping that I don’t flop
I feel like the whole fucking continent is on my shoulders
This is crazy
This just might be too much pressure
But we’ve been second best for too long and dude I’m fed up
I’m tryna put us on the map and if you not clever
You won’t get the fact that I’m hungry like Budapest
I’m on some other shit
A dropout with a mind state of a college kid
I never had an office job I built my own offices
They don’t make them like me nigga I’m of a rare quality
When you pretty sure that I’m losing I do the opposite
Sexy chubby nigga from Africa in America
Here to damage y’all ain’t no character in my calibre
If you man enough, we can saddle up we could battle
But be warned that is hazardous
Clearly nobody better than this
Dude on the camera is an animal when the pen is up
Any challengers?
Mr Manager check the calendar
I talk hella nuts
I’m a cannibal, I can back it up
The game is full of dumb nice rappers
I’m the clever one
Ba baiza keya kenela
Benekant, flow ya relela
Skelm saam wena o kena mang o ba diralang fela yan?
O seke wa telela, le beneplaas
A wa tsenwa nah?
Man I’m busy serving these niggas like
Roger Federer
I open a can of worms
Y’all wanna get along I want beef like a carnivore
My thinking is lateral
In general I don’t give a fuck if you a fan or not
I improved so quickly that I’m ashamed of my catalogue
It’s too fast
I mean who knew rap
Would put our names on the Atlas like
I’m Mr Uber man
You gon’ need a new map
I honestly shifted the culture in a crazy way
Chubby short nigga write hooks like I’m Baby Jake
Sharp as a razor, I’m only about paper
Dressed in all black
I’m looking like Darth Vader
Excuse me motherfucker I don’t know you keep your distance
Excuse the aggression I grew up a little different
I saw a lot of shit but I never was a witness
They ask me where I was
I’ll say: “Cooking in the Kitchen”
Yeah, Bentley dreams while cruising in daddy’s Nissan
I probably would have quit it if I never had a vision
It’s vivid, I’m on a mission
Feeling like Tom Cruise
And if you on my hitlist you fucked with the wrong dudes
Boy my cats mean
You cats will never surpass me
My music in every crib in the hood like Vaseline
Yeah, I remind myself of the niggas I used to bump to
I dodged the pen with the pen unlike my uncle
They acting like they know me
I’m guessing this is what it has come to
Presidential Rollie boy, Africa’s not a jungle
This ain’t for beginners, you ain’t even a factor
Know I live like a sinner but I’m blessed like a pastor
My things is going well
Got a load full of laughter
Kinda vain but I’m riding in the Ghost cause I’m Cassper
But I still do it all on purpose
Even when a nigga ain’t feeling strong I’ll murk it
The road that we travel is murky and long
But worth it
Check how we chilling at 40/40
Lebron and Irving
Nigga we made it
All my life I thought and dreamt of this moment
So I practiced and focused
Sometimes I would rap to my homies
As we were smoking
They probably thought I’m passing a moment
I mean these cats never noticed
That my rap was that potent
I be kicking raps
But these niggas be laughing and joking
Maybe if I had an opponent
I’d be a talent of token
Always felt I was chosen
I was the cat that would open
And then the records were broken
Fede voetsek!, I’m the dopest
My name is Cassper!

[Excerpt: Sway]
You just opened the door, you know
I want all artists from Africa that are dope
To come on by and come sit and talk with us on
Sway in the Morning
You opening doors for a lot of folks

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