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Cassper Nyovest – Skelm Lyrics



Cassper Nyovest - Skelm Lyrics

Skelm Lyrics by Cassper Nyovest

[Verse 1]
I wrote this shit on the road
Agreed to drop it just on one condition
I’mma need some dome and a lot of women
Couldn’t give me a call, you just rant on Twitter
And I don’t get involved with those kind of niggas
The game is getting sour on the day though
They even got awards on the payroll
Bitches putting niggas on their yayo
Still the biggest, so I’m guessing it’s okay, yo
I’m just really getting tired of the fake shit
I’m glad I kept the niggas that I came with
Big shout out to T-Lee, boy we made it
Man, just make sure we don’t forget the basics
‘Cause we started in Mmabatho
Ka gopola nna le Carpo re ja magwinya ka atchaar
Now it’s sushi for a starter, whoo
Godile ke skeema bo ngwanaka
Vandag ke tshwaretse grootman yaka plaka

Ha ke sbaye (x2)
Ey, vok-vok
Are ntshane bonkane
Akere ledi divane
Ha ke sbaye (x2)
Ha keya tlela tsele tsa Jozi hake ncwanywa nka o chunela story
Ha ke sbaye (x2)
Ey kgosi tsa kasi, kgosi tsa kasi
Hey re chesa di bari
Ha ke sbaye (x2)
Hey kleva
Ha ke sbaye (x2)
Hey kleva

[Verse 2]
Man, coming up is like hell
So many stories to tell
So many niggas I looked up to
Fucked around and they fell
This game is mad unpredictable
And they quick to forget
I remember this one time I took a picture with LES
This other girl dissed me about it
Hurt my ego, I don’t really blame her
She said I looked like a groupie
‘Cause I wasn’t famous
Laughed at me for saying I’m the same if I wasn’t greater
No disrespect to the homie but look what happened later
Twent thousand people and we wavy
I be feelin’ arrogant lately
Long as ke tswere ntja tsaka
Carpo wa krapa nna ka fasa
Ba tla dula ba gagaba
Ke ya pusha ke a tabalaza
O tla chunang bafana baka
Salute us, magata ba tla
Manoeuver without a problem
Ra phunya diphatlha-phatlha
Ke ya o roka ha o ka mfosa
Ke ya poka o kanna wa botsa
Matsopa wa be wa vutha
Ke ya hlopha ke tla le sotla
Uba tlula ore wa gotsa
Gopola o tshaba botswa
Le zoka e gana go tswa
Matona a Phalaborwa
Know the boy’s too ill, I can do this in my sleep
Nka o tseisa le sedidi


[Verse 3]
How many rappers have you heard of
Who got fans in the village
To manage to get these suburban kids to dance to their lyrics
You got the answers, isn’t it?
They’re not just dancing, they listen
I’m supposed to be just a rapper
I’m surpassing musicians
Who went to class and they finished
Plus I don’t practice an image
I’m the future
So basically I’m Michael Jackson in prison
Some of you pissed off the hood
But wanna act as a victim
Like I ain’t black, that’s the difference
That’s why this Cassper is winning
Boy I’m the man and I did it
Without the backing of businesses
That clearly don’t give a fuck, about the craft
I’m the realest, who ever masteredthis skill
Is used to emasculate niggas
Keep killing niggas it’s hard to believe
I’m actually Christian
You cats would actually win
If this was a class for beginners
This is Mathematics and Physics
You thought that Cass was a gimmick
Who would just last for a minute
But I can rap like a clinic
I throw it up to the fans
And say “Voetsek!” to the critics
You see, the passion is vivid
That is what’s lacking with niggas
A rap activist, I teach you about the past if you willing
They don’t really love the music
They want the cash and the women
You try attack me, you will receive a harzadous visit
I’m Dj Khaled within this
Man we the best, you just witnessed a magician
All I say is Abracadabra, you missing
I see too many rappers and not enough CEOs
By default I’m the best in the business


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