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Dj Zan D Ft Blaklez, N’Veigh, Bass & Sean Pages – Runway Lyrics



Dj Zan D Ft Blaklez, N'Veigh, Bass & Sean Pages - Runway Lyrics

Runway Lyrics by Dj Zan D Ft Blaklez, N’Veigh, Bass & Sean Pages

[Hook: Bass]
Cristian Dior, Rock Marc Jacobs,
David Tlale, oooh Versace Versace
Inspiration, next top model
Get that paper, don’t kill my vibe
(You gotta get- get it yaaa)
Looking so nice and easy on the run way
(You gotta get- get it yaaa)
Killing right now, oh yeah, on the runway
(You gotta work-work it yaaa)
I gotta do my thing when I’m on the runway
(You gotta work-work it yaaa)
Do it right now, oh yeah, on the runway

[Verse 1: Nveigh]
Hola, what’s good lovey
Don’t you wanna come and meet a brother from the hood lovey
Phela mina wumathuz la
How about you come and treat a brother like you should lovey
Eish, got the bottle on me
Jameson for magenge and a model on me
So I have to brush on it
Somebody speak to Rorisang from Muzart
‘Cause I got a crush on her
Would you show me who your man be
Rori, would you show me who your man be
Rori, boo, I hope you understand me
It’s show time baby when I’m showing up with Zan D
Thina s’fun’ ubumnandi
But you’re here with a mommy
Akafuni ubum’bamba, hayi kabi
You don’t even have to say much
‘Cause your honey been funny since she got a base touch

[Hook: Bass]

[Verse 2: Blaklez]
The rap Steve Biko
Dark skin smelling good with a mean flow
I picked her she like “Why me though?”
‘Cause the rest ba phapha, I don’t need those
Plus, plus you got pretty toes
And you got a high I.Q when you keep me on my tippy toes
Tell your friend a sa ikenya dilong
A tlogele mona, she jealous I might love you long time
Baby, haters ba batla hore qeka nyetsa
Sheba, get down, bo motswang ka bajwetsa, mabebeza
Your swag e etsa masepa
You and I could be Graca le Madiba
As I deliver myself to you
Just let it be, stop thinking about what to do
Stop tripping, stop killing my vibe tu
‘Cause on the real, I be thinking about wifing you

[Hook: Bass]

[Verse 3: Sean Pages]
I told her that her ass needs some weight gainers
She laughed said I’m quite the entertainer
Said she heard about my raps
That I’m wilding, grizzly, in need of a tamer
Argh, stereotyopes, I didn’t blame her
I mean I thought the dialogue would be a no brainer
But here we are discussing Kramer
Politics, investments and seeing each other later
Fashion knowledge I’m a mess
I just want ****, custom chucks and a vest
Cash flow, stretched clothes, dress code fresh
Gotta stack dough, rack show, let’s go YESSS
Forget it and I’m so unruly
I’m killing it and I’m staring at her beauty
Her ex was a fat funny dude, Trevor Gumbi
Let him try and f*** ngizomshiya ngama dumbi

[Hook: Bass]

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