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Ginger Trill – PIF Lyrics



Ginger Trill - PIF Lyrics

PIF Lyrics By Ginger Trill

verse 1
Niggas started talking like they own the crown
They getting gassed and start to joke around
They’re known to clown o the internet
When they smoke the loud
They fix their lips when they’re sober now
That bass in your voice
You gon have to tone it down
Brainstorming on drugs
Is what’s probably clouding their judgment
Shoot a blank and I laugh at how they gon try to duck it
I made you look my nigga
Ey, who getting all the buckets
I end you all in public
Don’t ever fuck with
Y’all niggas know the truth
Fuck all that tweetin’, I’m in a vocal booth
That’s a notion I’m open to
Way too many quotables
How old are you man
Real threads ain’t downloadable
Standing next to me
You’re not the best, you’re the closest to
Man, I ain’t get the message
Ain’t address it right
You gon have to send it twice
Potchesftroom Papi
I gave her pipe and the best advice
So far ahead of time
This’ like my second life
You bitches guessed it right

verse 2
Married to this game
This life a bitch and my second wife
The city proud ’cause we repping right
Still got the hunger
You niggas done lost the appetite
Legendary status
Got bragging right to the afterlife
I cut off distractions and made a sacrifice
It’s Trilluminati, who getting bodied
Shooters beside me, who wan try it
All of y’all on my call log can get called out
Playing hard ball with this ball hog, I crossed over
Y’all slipping and nah dawg, it’s y’all fault
See y’all already been forewarned of the onslaught
You soft porn and they encore for this hardcore
Scholar of the hard knocks, I tutored all the sophomores
Don’t even mention a freshman
In the same breath as his excellence
When we talking ’bout scoreboards, dawg


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