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Jack Parow Ft. Haezer – Bons Lyrics



Jack Parow Ft. Haezer - Bons Lyrics

Bons Lyrics by Jack Parow Ft. Haezer

I’ve seen the darkness, I’ve seen the light
I’ve heard the devil calling, I’ve stepped inside
I’ve been a monster, I’ve been nice
I’ve been the flames of hell, I’ve been ice
I’ve seen some evil, I’ve felt its breath
I’ve let the blackness fill me, till nothing’s left
I’ve walked the wrong roads, I’ve walked the right
I’ve built the stronghold, but lost the fight
I’ve heard the whispers, I’ve heard the screams
I’ve left the physical and entered someone’s dreams
I am the iron, I am the steel
I am your fingertips, I’ll make you feel
I’ve danced in shadows, I’ve stepped inside
I’ve seen the heart turn blacker than the night

Fokken bons, naaiers
Fokken bons
Fokken bons, naaiers
Bons bons bons

Step inside the doorway, turn off the light
Shut the curtains, It’s too bright
I’ll never leave you hanging
I’ll never leave your side
So open up your veins and shut your eyes
I’ve been pitch black, I’ve been white
I’ve done too many wrongs to make a right
Hold your hands up, and drop your head
No-one’s calling cause you’re already dead
Follow the brick road, the crumbs of bread
The wolf’s been hiding, it’s time to pay your debt
I’m your suffering, I’m your pain
I’m the dark red blood running through your veins
I’m the temptress, I’m the shame
I’m the headless horseman, I have no name

Fokken bons, naaiers
Fokken bons!
Fokken bons, naaiers
Bons bons bons

Step inside the limelight, I’ll take you there
Just for a few minutes, no-one’s scared
I’m the powder, I’m the rock
My call grows louder, I’ll never stop
You’ve tried to leave me but you’re always coming back
You’ve tried to build your walls up but I make ’em crack
I’m never satisfied, you always want more
You’re always calling, I’m always at your door
I’m your best friend, I’m your heart
I’m what you think about whenever we’re apart
You’re the vessel and I’m the mast
You’re always running but you’re never getting past
So bring the thunder, bring the rain
Bring the happiness, bring the pain

Fokken bons, naaiers
Fokken bons
Fokken bons, naaiers
Bons bons bons

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