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K.O – SA Rising Lyrics



K.O - SA Rising Lyrics

SA Rising Lyrics By K.O

Kudala besicindezela
Kudala besicindezela
If we cant help ourselves
Who’s gonna help us, who’s gonna help us
Uyangibambezela, uyangibambezela
Ooh don’t be selfish
Buya buya zwelami

verse 1
Tell me where we going, tell me where we going
I think we loosing it, we need some direction moving forward
This aint the same rainbow nation ka Mandela as we know it
The citezens are really getting fed up if you noticing
You see the country depreciating at a rapid pace
Some folks are immigrating tryna get away
We need to continue praying for a better day
Hope this message can go all the way up to the head of state
Dear Mr President, with everything happening in the country
Hope you understand why some of your residents are panickin
Can be challenging to be patriotic emzansi sometimes
When you look at the shenanigans in the cabinet
Pretty evident how political egos have a negative element
In economic development of the nation
Before exiting as the president
I believe you still have power to swing the pendulum for the better


verse 2
Show my appreciation
For all different colours of the rainbow nation, yeah
You know we need each other
You know we feed each other
But I wanna take this moment
To speak to my brothers and sisters
In the spectrum of my fellow people of color
Why are we so divided, can you tell me why are we so divided
We could be stronger if we were more united
A lot of hate is ignited in our hearts
When we see a neighbor doing well
But as soon as he fails we get excited
Gotta get up and play your position and play your position
In 2017 you shouldn’t be playing victim
Instead of making excuses you should be making decisions
On how to change your condition.
Blaming the system wont be making a difference
It’s embarrassing how we notorious for prejudice
On fellow Africans when they came over here to make a living
Laziness should be your phobia
But why are you simply resorting to xenophobia, mntom’nyama


verse 3
You rappers need to be more socially conscious with your voices
We flexing on every verse and every chorus
Should be playing our role as the reporters of the stories of our people
We one of the strongest forces for change
Social economic discourse is occuring in all the corners of the country
Children are hungry people are dying while we busy taking for granted
And misusing the power of our influence
You know your role in the constituent and everything you bring to it

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