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Kwesta ft Ricky Rick – The Finesse Lyrics



Kwesta ft Ricky Rick - The Finesse Lyrics

The Finesse Lyrics By Kwesta ft Ricky Rick

Foot on their neck, ang’na ne stress
Got the finesse, Skara Ngobese
Biz’ umamakhe azobon’ umntanakhe
Ashay’ inumber, phakam’ nidanse
Nawe uyazi
S’bal’ imali yes
And if they hating, let the hate
I ain’t worried ’bout it
It’s alright, sobasakaza ngongesi
I run the game
No chains on but I’m still gon shine
Set the city on fire
Real life baba no lie
Dis kak maar dis orite

verse 1[Kwesta]
Awuringe kahle nam authi ang’si ungan’ wakho
Angimanamane ngi arrive-e, they should announce
Bathi nginenkinga, I’m too nice to move a crowd
Batshele ngiyi super hero
And uthando is my super power
Kunjani igama uSenzo, Kwesta if you insist
I don’t flex, there’s no need ever since nginidle kayi 6
My position on that list, they think I give a shit
Ishu mpintshi askies
Instead of give it I am it little bitch
I’m so far beyond, Mozart evolved
The god from uk’lala kulela sofa kumkholo
K’khon’ ogolozayo, awubonwa bobodlwane
Thina siyayishov’ ingolovane
Proudly South A indololwane
I feel like MJ, I feel like Pac
I feel like a sensei, Mr Miyagi
Ha ke di bale, easy does it
Ntwana ng’bayekele, ng’yabagaya


verse 2 [Ricky Rick]
Rest in peace all my dead homies
Streets was hungry, I fed homies
Picked it up and I led homies
That’s why I need my bread homies
Beat knocker, Luis rocker
Jacket looking Chewie Bacca
Gang gang pushing product
Boss man set the conduct
No Wakanda, half these niggas smoking flakka
No wear condoms knowing we ain’t got no doctors
Mess with me and I’ll stress you like Juju man
Pretty nigga, they love me like Duduzane
Get a verse and I promise you you’ll be ironed
You know the saying, a Venda man maak ‘n plan
Act a fool ’cause paper money rules us
Textbooks screwed us, slower class school sucks
Try to open eyes but it’s useless
We don’t give a fuck nigga who does


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