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Mass The Difference – Dolo Lyrics



Mass The Difference - Dolo Lyrics

Dolo Lyrics By Mass The Difference

verse 1
Will I keep shaking the game
Or will I pay the price
Will they keep screaming my name
How does it fair in height
It’s like these rappers losing hope as I induce a fright
If you’re the superman
I’m sheek, ’cause I’m the cryptonite
I kill shit, just blame it on the ville
I grew up funny and you know I’ll never change up
I keep it fussy(Fasi) like Brenda had a baby
I bounce ? today
Did I spit it’s not debated
I’m the shit, they defacated
And said that I barely made it, I know
Sometimes I feel like rappers really wanna bite
But the bars is too hard
I mean, the bars is too dark
I mean, their bars is too light
I wonder why they never spark
I wonder, I wonder why I keep wondering
These are real facts
Don’t wonder why they keep stuttering
The truth is hard to swallow
Choke your words, will never follow
I’m the greatest rapper while these rappers really shallow


Sometime I don’t really gotta say
They gon look me in the face
Getting accolades, rocking on the stage
I do it dolo
Sometime I don’t really gotta say
They gon look me in the face
Getting accolades, rocking on the stage
I do it dolo

verse 2
It’s like this
How you keep rapping
Your passion is outta fashion
I feel, you skipped the bag
And you asking when is the cash in
But still you keep on wasting time
Start this shit and make it rhyme
Practice it and make it fine
I’m talking writing these rhymes
It’s so much passion but still
It had me stacked in
No cash in, was just a fashion, no pill but they listen
All the heart an the pain, they will kick it
To the sweat in the game I was spilling
Niggas acting like they know me now
I was just the only one
Where the fuck does he come from
Now they got their speakers on
Blibber Blabbing funny raps
Your bars is like a sing-along
Niggas act enormous, wait..
‘Til I fuck them up and they ? and sit down
Warm up the sofas man, this is not an easy game
Ain’t got time for jokers
Unless your squad is suicidal
Let them in and see what I do
Did you see what I do, rivals
Kill this shit, they still deny you


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