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Moozlie ft Gemini Major – Swipe Lyrics



Moozlie ft Gemini Major - Swipe Lyrics

Swipe Lyrics By Moozlie ft Gemini Major

I don’t check the price
I just swipe
Get it right, get it right
Dancing like my stones
Gucci my cologne
HIgher than a drone
Money on the phone
Drip drip drip
Drip drip drip
Drip drip drip
Drip drip drip

verse 1
Real MaBrr, tell the truth
I’m so West Rand
That’s that fire in the booth
In a coupe
Smoking loud you can smell it from the roof
Front page of the paper
Y’all ain’t even on my radar
Moozlie verses on your trends list
Y’all can’t even make the guest list
Now I’m fucking up the album
Mark the spot like I am Malcom
Born killer, noble triller
I’m a thriller, yeah Manilla
I be rocking that Chinchilla
You ain’t nothing but a filler
All the shit you make is wack
I’ma about to get a pack of that skrr skrr skrr-liosis
Drippin drippin so precautious
Prr! That’s the money calling


verse 2
I don’t give them no chance
When I get it, don’t pass like whoo
Swerving swerving no cash
Money mad like I am messed up
Psycho bats got the potion
Moozlie put that shit in motion
Skhanda Queen is fucking dead
Blanco shot her in the head
Sticky yicky really pricey
Chicken Licken with the spices
This about to be a crisis
Make your nigga wanna try this
Hope you don’t take this shit hard B
Pull up in a Rari
Shade game on Versace
Champagne for you haters
I ain’t fucking with the favours (Blanco)



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