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Morale Ft. Zola – Ayamaah Lyrics



Morale Ft. Zola - Ayamaah Lyrics

Ayamaah Lyrics by Morale Ft. Zola

Yo this a story of intwana encani from e-Durban
Wrote something to Morale about his girlfriend in a coma
You know some people will never leave the one’s they love no matter what
They make us remember who we are
Ene mfana whoever you are, this is our response to you
Lalela san…

It’s been days now, I’ve been waiting for her
We’ve been dating for years, the beauty of the stars and the sun is adjacent to her
Damn her shape is my world and my heart I placed it with her
She got a blood condition
And she’s deep in a coma and her love I’m missing
God life aint life no more
Got a call she collapsed on the floor
They say a man can’t cry when he’s dying inside that’s a damn lie
I saw your new vid
Can I ask you for a favor yes ofcoz I can use it, it sounds stupid
But can you write about our lives in your music
In your music… she loves your music

[Chorus x2: Zola]
Did you think I would leave you there
I love you ngik’tshele ke
By your bed everyday ne
Ayamaah phakama ngik’bhambe ke

Ayamaah is the name
It means amazing it’s simple and plain
Memories replay, she loves Angie Stone the song “As we lay”
Born in Richards Bay studies in PTA
In hospital I try and visit everyday
Her beauty show in every way
I get jealous when you on play
Music keeps her sane, you should hear her sing
Beauty staggering I’m gasping and gathering
Baby wake up so we can be together again
Tears still falling like rain
I still say dogg you can change the game
Please do a song tag her name
Holla back best of luck with everything
Holla back best of luck with everything


Your request is standing
By the time you hear this your wish is granted
Do you believe in God?
Things happen for a reason believe me dogg
I relate to your e-mail, I feel showing that love is practical
My mom is also in hospital
She got diabetes always fighting obstacles
Scared that I get that doctor’s call
I relate to your ordeal in detail
I know you’ve been through hell, stay strong for her
Only God can tell, tell Ayamaah get well
I represent in this game ‘til my heart fail
Thank you for your e-mail Zola felt it too
Keep well best regards Morale…
Best regards Morale…


Yeah Bla’yam whever you are
I hope e-cherry yakho comes out of the coma
And she becomes okay, and you can continue with her
Because ‘yazi ukthini, we make all this money
We drive all this cars, but there are things we cannot buy
It’s only fans like you mtana sekhaya
That makes us remember at the end of the day
That no matter what we are human
Otherwise we wouldn’t have taken time to dedicate this to your girlfriend
Hola san…

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