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PdotO ft Rea – When You’re Down Lyrics



PdotO ft Rea - When You're Down Lyrics

When You’re Down Lyrics By PdotO ft Rea

Wen you’re down babe
let me hold you pick you up
And get you right again
When you’re lonely
let me fix and make you smile
And give you my loving

verse 1
I think I’m losing my mind
I think I’m losing it
Fuck is I to do when the pressure keeps producing hits
Slow down black, this liquor is a no no
I figured you should know
These obstacles make your soul grow
So I embrace ’em I embrace ’em
My God is a superstar I’m high off his fragrance
My cadence is top drawer, jumping off the top floor
I’m hoping you would catch me
Ain’t no one I would stop for
Watch the blood form the eye drop
Cry tears of sin, I’m a product of the writers club
When you down and low, don’t stress God is with you
Motherfuckers wanna rob and kill you
But we fly through the heaven’s door
Ride ’til the heavens call
Collide with the bus that’s prayed for me as my reverend call
When I’m down, shit, I keep going
Failure is not an option
Work hard and keep moving

chorus x 2

verse 2
I’ve been through the most
But love was always there
My God kept me sane, neglect to live in fear
Respect I commandeer, in my dreams you would appear
Like, stay patient and trust in the truth
Composed a bible of my own, right up in this booth
And apart from the truth, I started with passion
Never lacked the drive needed to pursue all my actions
Good lord, crack the door
Please let in your angels
I’ve been drinking a little too much
I need you to save me
Pretty soon I’m finna have me a baby
Am I ready, who knows but shit, living is crazy
I told you living is crazy
Al I have is my music
Under The Sun shit I’m blessed to be moving
Matter of fact shit I’m blessed that you choose me
You move me from pain to reach my true ambitions

chorus x 2

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