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Pot3nt and Dopebwoi ft Zingah – No M3rcy Lyrics



Pot3nt and Dopebwoi  ft Zingah - No M3rcy Lyrics

No M3rcy Lyrics By Pot3nt and Dopebwoi ft Zingah


verse 1
Got a clip-full on their necks
And a side piece on my left
Kill zone on no vest
Who crew runnin’ the skreets
Gotta keep your mans on a leash
Got a bad bitch running my sheets
Who gon take a pic, it’s a massacre
Bodies in a ? it’s a massacre
Class gon call me messy
? want no mercy
My crew show no mercy

verse 1
Bruce with the kicks
Shoot, I don’t miss
Shoot, take a pic
When I get my paper
I aint ?, suka endleleni
Zingah my nigga, we in it
Watch how they think it
I talk it, I live it
I haven’t spazzed in a minute
I might just spark up a beef with a snippet
Your bitch she taking my digits
I pay for Uber, she payin’ a visit
I give her runs like it’s cricket
She throw it back when I’m busting her wickets
Toss it and put it aside
I’m on the phone calling the cash
Guilty for killing the beat
Blood on the floor, ready to bash
Fuck it, I empty the clip
Bodies on bodies, banana man
Carry on I snip and I post you
I don’t do pokes, all of you tag


verse 2
I think it’s crucial
That we just show them no mercy
Killing as usual
And I’ve been in the mood to
All of my niggas have been in the mood too
And your mamis have been in the same mood
So whenever we all in the same hood
Ain’t nothing that we can’t do
You know what we do too
We showin’ them no mercy
Yeah, we live on the charts nowadays
I can tell that for them
A conversation isn’t easy to start nowadays
I just speak from the heart now
And it isn’t as hard nowadays
Man I think that the money just follows me around
For all of the times I flaked, yeah
For all of the times that I carry the reallest
I came here to kill it
When I resurrected they came back to witness
I’m here on a mission, ah
I made y’all admit it, ah
Showed you that I’m on a different
The swagger done got y’all addicted, my niggas


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