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Priddy Ugly – Reminder II Lyrics



Priddy Ugly - Reminder II Lyrics

Reminder II Lyrics by Priddy Ugly

There’s only two things written on my shopping list
Success and patience is right on top of it
Ever found greatness lurking in your esophagus
Really I’m the greatest in the continent
Piss off we ain’t never had a pot to piss in
In a room full of males I’m the dominant
Short nigga how he talk so confident
I got my mind stacked up like documents
The arms deal side effects, come and document
Two arms but test me I turn to octopus
That’s a queen on my arm, cav the opulence
We’re fucking up the game, we synonymous
I’m Godly, please excuse my pustulence
Picasso with the pen, I’m consummate
Common sense, I don’t need no compliments
‘Cause really all I ever get is compliments
I give a fuck a bout a hater in my comments section
Wardrobe deal’s looking like condiments
In the East side I need me a monument
By the beach side you need in parliament
Get litty, fresh city, the conglomerate
From my town, yeah I sound, we started it
These people think I blew up like a Carter kid
And if you’re tired of failing use your heart a bit
I got these rappers on edge, just need a bomber kit
This year we’re probably blowing just like the summer did
How you keep it real, your chains are counterfeit
I’m just drippin’ in the water why you drown in it
If success is in the bottle then I’m downing it
My cousin in is a chartered accountant
She’ll take account of it
[?] six digits, where my other six
Now we doin numbers doin double digits
Built an elevator at my mama crib
Get an alligator for the fuck of it
It’s Winter time but you gon find me on my Summer shit
By Summer time Smokoloko had the Summer lit
Yeah already prepped my speech for my SAMA win
Your top five, I’m equal to the sum of it
Blame the bottom grill for my mumbling
Keep the miggas at the door but let the mamis in
You should see how they be loving it
Voted into power, I’m the government
Your favourite rapper dry, that nigga tumbling, fumbling
Show me the amount and I’mma double it
We just ask the corporates where the fundin’ is
Diamond in the dirt, I’m where the rubble is
Try avoid the pussy when you’re rubberless
And I be getting bread, don’t gotta butter it
My real life is looking like a Tumblr pic
Keep the family close soon as the thunder hits
Take the Luis, you ain’t gotta gun the kid
The music is the legacy for ?’s kids
I’m not tryna brag but can I stunt a bit
Not the same desire when you wanted it
Keep that burning fire with a ton of it
Devil is a liar, we heard none of it
Yeah, see I’ve lived where the bottom is
I’m the reallest and not the miss
If you aim nigga it’s hard to miss
Hard work, try adopting it
But don’t expect no compliments, be competent
Always keep your confidence
Always keep your word you gotta honour it
Be a living legend like Madonna is
Promise this, be prominent
Oh yeah we poppin’ bitch, yeah
Knees deep in the pool
I’m drowning, leaking the proof
Truth to God, a demon or two
I mean I’m not eager to lose
And I’m not leavin’ ’til I’m in and improve
Best believe that I’m seeing it through
Me and my crew we got schemin’ to do
So we dream in the stu
True, we knee deep in the stu
Not new but we leading the school
Speakin’ the truth

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