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Reason – 2 Cups Shakur Lyrics



Reason - 2 Cups Shakur Lyrics

2 Cups Shakur Lyrics By Reason

All my enemies envy me, sipping Hennessy


Three cards, that�s two banks and one for insurance
Three friends, three bottles, twelve packs for your friends
One God, one life, one plan
Tonight I�m taking
Five shots in one night, 2 Cups Shakur x4

Verse 1
I guess it�s all eyes on me
In my God body so clean
On the red carpet, half-bent on it
I still brought it I�m a G
Magents on or Ben Sherman, I dress for it, I mean
The f***ing press want us for breakfast
So I�m always toasted on cheese
I got my life in order like till slips
Going abroad to just kill shit
I be touring the world, doing my work
And makin’ ’em real chips
After that we take field trips
And spend shit on our friendships
Realness is so built-in
that we made it off that real shit
I�m probably hot property
Chart-topper, leave hearts on the sleeve
Like honesty I may cause a scene
In your property when I’m on that beat
Draw you to the God in me
and make you bond like Sean Connery
My average shit on this sorta beat
Still tore the beat ’cause I was born a beast,kill anything
That’s right I kill everything
Bounda be beat bounty hunter
Don’t just do it for anything
Tryna get this money, Family means everything
Mami game need plenty things and my crew don�t just drink anything


verse 2
I guess it�s all eyes on me, hard time being Reason
No time to be sick
This’ your time for Pete’s sake
Get your shine, no sleeping
Don’t fall behind, keep leading
You a fresh breath to keep breathing
So don’t but heads like beavers, pause
Lord Jesus, you�ve seen us, from fetus to genius
defeats and some acceptance speeches
Looking back no one of us wanna go back to where we was
That nightmare�s behind us
Drove past that in our dream cars
Moving on with my dream plus
Living all of my dreams ’cause, none of y’all ain’t f*** with us
’til hits came through the speakers
Now the shit change when I speak up
Kids engage with deep stuff
They feel strange when I ease up
And they point out like eBucks
I guess it’s all eyes on me, yeah
If it’s prime time you�ll see me
That television my CV
After that I go sea-deep
So the next time you gon’ see me, check my�


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