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Ricky Tyler – Everything Lyrics



Ricky Tyler - Everything Lyrics

Everything Lyrics By Ricky Tyler

verse 1
I didn’t mean to
But I don’t like the way these other niggas treat you
Just let me finish baby I would never change you
I’ve got a couple songs I’d really like to play you
See I know it’s not the time right now
But what better time to tell you now before it’s to late
No lie, you think I’m pretending
It’s fine ’cause I know the feeling
All I’m saying is you want it all
I’ll give you everything and give you more

That’s the plan though say yeah
That’s the plan though say yeah
I’d give you everything say yeah
That’s the plan though say yeah
I’d give you everything say yeah

verse 2
I didn’t mean to
Thought I’d hit you up like I know what you’ve been through
Thought I’d hit you up like I’m about to save you
This is what you needed girl, a difference
Treat you like you’re centerfold
You got the feeling I’m not sober, sober no
Telling me I need to stop
It’s over it’s over yeah
And I just though I’d let you know yeah
‘Cause I don’t wanna be alone yeah
You stick with me, I’m going nowhere


verse 3
I didn’t mean to, leave you
No no baby I done taught you
You just gotta let me rock through
Is there light that I can show you yeah
I can’t stop thinking, listening to the beat
You need something different
And I give you all of me
Guarantee I’ll show you colours
I guarantee I’m not like others
Guarantee I’m worse than others but
At least I got that pay cheque covered
Lighten up, don’t be so stubborn
I got mozzarella in the oven
I got everything if you’ve got nothing
You could have me too


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