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Shane Eagle – Yellow Lyrics



Shane Eagle - Yellow Lyrics

Yellow Lyrics By Shane Eagle

Cut from a different cloth
These genes(jeans) are essential
My only one fear is probably dying with potential
I gave up on emcees that rap about power and cash
And when things changed I watched them fall from the top
Like an hourglass
I asked my pops if there’s anything he would do differently
Anything he regreats or if he’s where he’s meant to be
He said I Am 70 Years Old And I Have Lived My Life
I’m Frail But I Am Not Weak
But Listen When A Wise Man Speaks
They Say Vision Is The Blessing That The Blind Man ?
I believe in the uiverse and the way it works
And the only way you can train your mind
Is if you free it first
I’m free at last
I’ve got a homey who received the biggest blessing of his life
Was too young to understand and thought this blessing wasn’t right
Tossing and turning, thoughts of this is haunting him at night
Because he just finished schools so his paper is not right
Thinking Fuck I’m Gonna Do
So hit the kill switch he might
But it’s too late ’cause time is ticking every day and night
He is weak inside his mind and this battle cannot fight
But what my nigga did not see is this blessing is just life
So let it live my nigga
I feel uninspired by these rappers I’m compared to
Shots miss me ’cause these rappers would not dare to
I meet my fans and they tell me that they love me
They just never met me nut they feel like they know me

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