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Sipho The Gift ft Youngsta CPT – Growth Lyrics



Sipho The Gift ft Youngsta CPT - Growth Lyrics

Growth Lyrics By Sipho The Gift ft Youngsta CPT


I’mma just need an advance on that cheque, okay
Slow down and give them a chance just to pass, no way
I got something in the bag, just relax, okay
They might need ? no way

verse 1 [Sipho The Gift]
Please don’t give me stress
I need love and relief
I work so damn hard
I need neck then I sleep
Pretty dark nigga I need handsome receipts
And I smile so much I need gold on my teeth
Ooh, I’m such a gentlemen
Now check the etiquette
And when you pay me
Do it slowly like it’s delicate
And I can tell they only want me for the benefits
‘Cause when they see is when they know me like a relative
Thank you for the ones that held me down, hella patient ey
They’re the ones that keep me off the ground, elevated ey
Thankful for the woman that I found, glad I waited ey
Glad I turned out better than…
I’m in the frontline in this drumline
When it’s crunch time I eat
It could be fun time
But at lunch time if you touch mine I beep
I’m in a lane (I’m in the air)
Hop on a plane (chasin’ a bag)
There is no way (comin at last)
If you’re in my way (cut you in half)
Now look at the growth
I gave it a go with limited chances
You never do know
Where it could go, now look at the status
Now I’m sitting on gold
Not letting it go, I’m never relaxing
Wherever I go, they always salute
That’s love from the masses
You could tell the truth
I’m really who you wanna be
Used to be the one they really never wanna see
Now they come to me when they’re looking for gems and keys
CPT for the streets ’cause it’s key


verse 2 [Youngsta CPT]
Look at the work I’ve put in the game
And now it’s paying off
Gansgters wat praat en skinner
Dis julle wat lyn los
Indigenous lyricist
Protect me at all costs I am fynbos
On the track, battling stallions
I am a race horse
When it comes to lyrics and business I see inverted commas
Street credit on a hun, the type that G could make deposits
But it don’t make sense and it don’t make Rands
And it definitely won’t make Dollars or profits
Spell that CPT and send me that e-wallet
Yeah I go, don’t make me stop
Gate keepers, I’mma break that lock
I am the greatest you came across
Fuck you and your label boss
You can’t jam with apricot
Lock and gas, I spray the NOS
Then the dentist gave me floss
I’m talented like Jamie Foxx
I can sing, rap and I act mad
Slap you with that backhand
De Caprio and Tom Hanks, catch me if you can like I was Pacman
Kiss kiss, bang bang
Kush kilos and hash grams
Y-Gen ’til the end of time
And I put that on my gang gang
So if you pay me major labels can’t persuade me
When I say the things like ?
Read the fineprint and between the lines of what was stipulated
Doesn’t rhyme with independence since when I matriculated
You try to find my recipe and use the same shit
But all the ingredients on my plate stay fresh
I now what’s uncommon doesn’t always make sense
But I will never sell my respect for a fucking pay cheque
But if I was going for money
I’d walk in the record company and say…


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