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Tiga Maine ft. Naledzii, Cee Thvng, Elias Vinay, Mseventy DeeTee, Siz, Cazo Cas, D-Man & M-6teen – Lames Remix Lyrics



Tiga Maine ft. Naledzii, Cee Thvng, Elias Vinay, Mseventy DeeTee, Siz, Cazo Cas, D-Man & M-6teen - Lames Remix Lyrics

Lames Remix Lyrics By Tiga Maine ft. Naledzii, Cee Thvng, Elias Vinay, Mseventy DeeTee, Siz, Cazo Cas, D-Man & M-6teen

Verse 1: (Naledzii)
Tell me when you done with them lames.
Tell me when you done with them phonies and fakes.
Tell me when you done with them insta mamis.
Always tryna get some meat off your plate.
You say you got dudes you can trust
Is that a truth or a must.
As you don’t wanna get left in the dust.
While they busy popping bottles in the club,
Honey that’s a lie.
Who knows you better than I
Even your fam knows that you me multiplied.
That’s that shit you can’t deny,
At least with me you know I’m a ride or die.
So can we give it one try,
Coz you know it’s real in my eyes.
When will you realise,
When will you realise,
That you’ve always been mine.
Verse 2: (Cee Thvng)
I heard yol tawking bwt da hall of things…Seating down walking with your friends…
To me Sounds Like You Wasting My time man,Call Me The Grind Man…
My Pistol switching like Am Tom Cruiz…They Tawk bwt it like I Broke Rules.
I Keep It Silence,Of Course I won’t Tawk Bwt it, Am Leaving yol Bruized…
Ama Trapsoul God Am The Best,With mah Salvation Am Taqtonic on this Earth
Am PrettyCrazy With Mah CrazyPantz,Frustrating Rapperz Like Am Back From hell…
Ama Smoke Mah Weed for Nerve,Don’t judge me Ama Perve ,
Am So Green Like A Herb…
You Heard Abwt me, Now you tranna find Me,You Be tawking bwt me with no words .
Verse 3: (Elias Vinay)
[Yeah Nay]
I thought about you when they called me for this record and for the record ain’t goh put you in this record. I got a new somebody who’s really cool with my buddies (I got a new somebody who’s really cool with my buddies)
Am with somebody new you just a cliché, she never trip she let’s the weed blaze & when we talk bout hoes man shes with the lames,she rolls a dobbie and let it float away,she got a new place & am just a call away, hollup!!!Wait am with the lames money talk with the GANG, body bag be the suit if you and I are a tie & your destination be the cemetery so don’t even try, TGR be the squad boy we hold it down, we dripping wasabi you what we bout, its the kid Vinay nobody is realer thus far, only miracle on land. Bless pass the mic…
Verse 4: (Mseventy DeeTee)
they can multiply their pace more than million times, i still win the race billion times
make the hate build the face that they picture us
on the same journey but u will never walk us
Never fumbled, Mask off they see the future in us
through the dark cos the light is never against us
man Im tryna make it to the panicle if u understand then see they look up to us
See I gotta lotta things that i gotta do
is to put my name on list, that I gotta do
My perseverance on a good mood see
check the missing slot man I’m needed
I’m so flipping humble I shouldn’t be
since 2012 I’ve been doing this man
no body had me even all of these shawties
now every buddy wanna crown me for this city king.
Verse 5: (Siz)
Lames..i got sum to say,
Fuck anybody that b standing in my way.
I ain’t no super hero
I don’t need me a cape,
I need a rari and a yatch down at the cape.
Roll a double joint just to fade away,
I’ll be smoking trees but I still see the shade.
Save your feelings
Coz you niggas ain’t seeing the change,
Watch me double dime sipping
On the freeway switching Lanez.
I ain’t amused by your style
Its a knockoff,
Matter of fact I’m pissed off.
I think I’ve seen ur style in a dickshop,
Where u lickoff all the fake lames.
I got flames
I be spitting fire when it rains,
Ambition motivated by the hunger and the pain.
Thirty racks on my ear can’t hear what you saying,
Listening to your stories
make me wanna flip page.
Verse 6: (Tiga Maine)
I gotta get money in many ways,
I struggled and fumbled for 15 days
Every list you find me on top like a crust,
Don’t meddle in my bu’ness forget bout my past.
Don’t talk to me like that,
You have to show respect.
Don’t worry my Nigga,
I’m the number one suspect.
The lines that you’re spitting,
They so fascinating.
You make me feel better,
And stop suffocating.
Verse 7: (Cazo Cas)
I wanna give a shout out to the lamos,
Alotta niggas do it for the fame thou.
Hey hoooo, stop tripping.
I got you niggas flipping.
Let me lay it down, take a drink and start sipping.
I’m a real G, I’m a cool cat.
But I’m a king like kong I hope you got that.
You lamo, stop being fake brou.
You acting like a clown and I’m just acting like I don’t know
Verse 8: (D-Man)
As I try to write down my lame verse,
My mental state is tryna make it real dope.
My fellow rappers are fly until the fucken plane crash,
They love hype but them niggaz still broke (I don’t know).
I let them crucify for whatever reason they had to put my name on the dirth,
Talking bout some haters when we never see them.
Tryna throw shade at the garden of eden,
I got a touch that’s implacable.
I got a little sound to make a nigga act a fool,
I pack the heat, you pack the bull.
It’s D-Man in the building ain’t nobody ask of you.
Verse 9: (M-6teen)
I don’t fuck with lames kanti yini,
Kudala nithatha amatshansi ende anisindi.
…………………about cherry abakufili.
Njenge awuthi abayivuthe fight you always come quickly.
Thanda ungathandi uzobrika clever,
Sowubheke ama killer indaba senizwana nokubhimba bheka nisukela amaninja.
Niyabona lendlela inzima so wena yeka amaginsa otlobona sotswa mamina phela these days ngiyazwiza.
I line liphakamisa I west ngenje latitude,
Never mind me ngisabheka ama looneytunes.
Y’all know ukuthi I’m always on the breaking news.
Ngathi uhlabe ucherry okwatile don’t come with an attitudes.
Ngeke uyimele mayisuka,
Kanti awazi ngiyabusa.
Uthi ungizela ngokubaba,
Kanti kudala ngaskima amakula.
We’ve been grindin’ since from day one with my team.
They thought we ain’t gon’ make it,
Don’t waste my time.
We on…….we on,for you lames,
(Kimiller on the track).

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