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Tre $avage (USA) – Lie Detector (Remix) Lyrics



Tre $avage (USA) - Lie Detector (Remix) Lyrics

Lie Detector (Remix) Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA)

[Intro]: Stop

Lie detector, I can control the cap
Wait, don’t care about that shit
Nigga bitching out over a fact (Look)
I know you lyin’, bitch, it’s such a goddamn act
Uh, don’t care about that shit, go back
Back to the cap and I’m back to the rap
Don’t care about that shit, like a nigga gon’ stab
Get out of my face, like I’m done with that nigga
Like over a fact (I don’t give-)
Nigga, I’ll pop you like a damn tire, on four flats
Don’t move, don’t rep your set
All you goddamn do is cap
Stop lyin’, stop cappin’
Don’t wear no hat tricks
I don’t care about that shit, I’m a star like I’m Patrick
I don’t care (Stop lying though)
I don’t care about that bitch if I ain’t “woke”
(Oh my god, shit) You ain’t got no ass
You ain’t fine though
Tricks with the bunny, don’t give a fuck, runnin’
On my highest birthday, nothing’s runnin’
This isn’t runnin’, I’ll leave you running
I don’t give a fuck, nigga, I get to dumping
Get to dumping with the AK, SK
Like a little bitch, go away
Done with that shit, I don’t even know
I don’t really know what to say (Hm)
I’m out of breath (Hm)
Stop lyin’, I’m not a ref’ (Hm)
I’m out of breath (What?)
Stop lyin’, I’m not a ref’ (Augh)
You can’t speak
You can’t even tell the time (Ugh)
You can’t speak to me because all you do is lie
Lie detector (Hm)
I lie there, I lie still
I mean, lie detector, hm
You ain’t lie there at your will
A lie detector (Hm), beep, beep, beep, it goes off
“I don’t even know about that shit”, you’re so goddamn soft

(You’re so fucking soft)

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