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YoungstaCPT – Ebola Virus Lyrics



YoungstaCPT - Ebola Virus Lyrics

Ebola Virus Lyrics by YoungstaCPT

Uh yeah Youngsta, Maloon The Boom, Y?-Fi uh
Lames never used to like us, now they tryna do it like us
I’m so inspired ja

[Verse 1]
Warmer than a kangaroo pouch I’m kicking tunes out like it’s nothing
You looney tunes bugz bunny rapping dumbing
Who the hell put this mic in your hand
Keep playing you’ll be laying there right where you stand
I’m a young gang-star who got schooled by his grandpa
He gave the wisest words a guy my size ever heard
And now I’m giving that to grown men
So don’t pay me, you actually owe him
I don’t get these wanna-be rapper types
Who handle mics
All they have is hype and people say that they actually tight
I swear to God this shit be pissing me when they on stage I actually feel like kickin’ em off
I bring this shit raw, advance pass Pentium 4
Skilled with the ball like Lionel Messi just scored
Notorious boss imagine if Biggy was small
You turn your back on them and rip all of his pics off the wall, appalled
Real rap is back whenever my mouth open
Or did you not notice, you claustrophobic
Now stop choking
The clocks broken because time’s frozen
I stopped hoping, I started praying and got focused
I hope Allah forgive me I can’t stop smoking
The bomb potent, large dosage, I’m floating
Warm places and winter to eat dinner
[?] pillow talk I’m deep in her
I rock the mic the same way I used to write songs
Way back in the 8th afraid stage, stage fright never held me down
I use the nerves and it helps me to compel the crown
They screaming loud I let ‘em shout and jump up and down
I may have let you down but my moms is hella proud
Infectious sounds that you hearing now
I’m staying in your ear like a earing now
Warm it up like it’s left over frikkadel, I’m out

Naaiers never used to like us
And now they tryna do it like us
They so inspired
But I’ma kill em like Ebola Virus
Naaiers never used to like us
And now they tryna do it like us
They so inspired
But I’ma kill em like Ebola Virus

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