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YoungstaCPT – Old Wounds Lyrics



YoungstaCPT - Old Wounds Lyrics

Old Wounds Lyrics by YoungstaCPT

[Verse 1]
I remember how we very started out as friends
Couldn’t express our feelings cause we were around our friends
It’s so amazing I found a lover and found a friend
So after all of that, this is how it ends
You got sick of my bullshit and that’s how it is
I remember you was my girl now you his
I had a dream that we was moving into our crib
And then I woke up and I reminisced for hours shit
My house ain’t a home, I don’t know how to live
We had a lot of plans and they sounded big
And I don’t wanna say that you gave up but you kinda did
And totally ignored the love that I was trynna give
I’m so tired of this honesty the lies and fibs
Inside I’m dead caught up in these spider webs
You really pulled a fast one but I promise you will be the last one
I thought about these old wounds

Old wounds
Old wounds

[Verse 2]
Looking at the time wondering if I should phone you
Your name comes up when I need somebody to go
I loved you so fucking much so why didn’t I show you
You may have turned that man down when he tried to approach you
Cause he just wanna be friends and wanna get to know you
And all the things you seen with him that’s what I should’ve shown you
I believe you do love me, but I’m just hopeful
And don’t try and lie to me as if I don’t know you
Cause you don’t wanna famous face, you want a guy that’s local
But I’d give all my ownership just so I could own you
Few years later I was still crying for you
And when I give up don’t say I wasn’t trying for you
I don’t know what they saying, but they be lying to you
And you probably still believe I don’t love you or maybe you just don’t want to
I thought about these old wounds

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