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Zingah ft Kly – No Fear Lyrics



Zingah ft Kly - No Fear Lyrics

No Fear Lyrics By Zingah ft Kly


They shoot threats but we don’t care
Always on offense we got no fear
Gotta get the cheque we on the grind
Moves we make they got them shook

We land in the building they give us looks
Gotta get the cheque we on the grind

verse 1
I don’t fear nobody I gotta get a cheque
When I’m with my niggas we don’t even flex
Man the sauce too much
Half the bitches break their necks
I ain’t worried about the girls
I ain’t worried about the sex
Yeah I get it when I get it
‘Bout to be the focus
I don’t fuck with these lames
I don’t fuck with these roadies
They wanna kow my moves, shit
We will keep you posted, bitch I’m bossin’
Do the most and for the talk bet I’m on it
Every time you see a nigga ?
Came into the game and hit the jiggy nigga motion
Now they asking for the album
I’mma keep ya posted
Heard ’em say my music is timeless
And it made me feel emoted
I’m just pulling triggers nigga, I’m fully loaded
I don’t care about the chitter chatter
I don’t read the stories
I just hit the stu
Fuck it up and give a hit to Phorie
Don’t say you didn’t get the warning


verse 2
And I’m sticking to the story
I don’t make up characters
My character’s important
And I know been home a lot
So it’s jiggy of you know me
Sticking mamis in the north
Go and kick it in Pitori
Wang’gcina ngisawumjita o skim’ i-?
Manje singen’ eSosha and we sippin’ ’til the morning
I remember when I used to chill with people and be lonely
I guess it’s different when you’re loaded
I don’t give a shit about celebs, I know execs
I ain’t gotta boast bitch I’m on it, I got next
All my niggas trill lowkey, bro don’t text us
Gotta put int work until them niggas in a mansion
Bitches gonna do what they do, let them live
They either ’bout the pill and the turn up or the silver
She wanna suck a dick
Sloppy choppy, let it drip
She know I’m always stressed out
Baby hit the stretcher


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