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Zingah – Still Alive Lyrics



Zingah - Still Alive Lyrics

Still Alive Lyrics By Zingah

Check the pulse, I’m still alive
I’m the reallest, your favourite rapper’s still a lie
I went away and I let you ? to kill the time
I let you kill it and all you did was kill the vibe
You niggas monkeying around
So I could never try fit in a crowd
Shit and to be honest
I ain’t heard shit I could fuck with in a while
I haven’t entertained a girl that tried fuck me in a while
And that’s because I got my source right again
Now your minions gotta ghost-write again
Niggas went from tryna kill me
Now they tryna co-sign again
I’m the nigga that they all tryna be
And I am back to make it evident
Relevance is your kind of thing
And I do it to be GAOT whith the ghosts by the crib
Still one of the most
And you doin it to clone how I did it
And I’m doin it to show you how I live
Man all of you niggas are jiggy all of a sudden now
You think you label the women all of a sudden now
I see you speak a little different all of a sudden now
Okay let’s see who ? this thing when I come around
‘Sase yimi ithemba lasekasi
‘Sase mini scenda nali hlathi
S’velelwa yin’ bo, iqiniso liozngyenza ngathi ngi-snaaks
Bheka lana phela sek’khona neVenda laseMlazi
Bayamazi vele nabo, nize ngokuzofraya amanzi vele la
Nize ngok’zodlala ngathi vele la
Anazi ukuthi irap nayigelezaphi
But I’m back, I’m schooling you niggas
I should prolly put a track out to shoot at you niggas
You wanna talk about your jewelry figures
Okay but when they pull up on you you can’t keep the jewelry with you
But I’m just tryna make abalance
Was a fan of Bentley Coupe
‘Til I heard 9AM In Dallas
Niggas making other niggas’ song
And they tryna say it’s levels
But you fraud niggas’ life is on the balance

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