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ZuluMecca ft Stogie T – Food and Liquor Lyrics



ZuluMecca ft Stogie T - Food and Liquor Lyrics

Food and Liquor Lyrics By ZuluMecca ft Stogie T

verse 1 [ZuluMecca]
No Preshad in the devil’s kitchen
If I know my god I know he never misses
Empty dishes, packaged for the sacrilegious
Cast the ?, heavy nets I’m back to fishin’
Back for dinner, Ramsey with the lambs, blood
Catch me sippin’, I’m handy with the breast mugs
Get to livin’, sacraments all stacked up
Famished but the raps keep it ? with the facts, uh
I heard that being a prophet is an honour
But I’m weaker than my dealings
I bet it all on the offering
Word to Leonardo, we ain’t suffering
I’m seated with Jesus
If I eat, I’m gobbling all of it
Sip that dear departed for the martyrs
Hope the demons never see him
That healing’s harder than harbouring
I can’t ignore my call and I’m an artist
This is larger than the beef
If I speak I’m conjuring God in this
Pardon the orifice, pardon my mouth caught in the condiments
I’m just a seasoned pawn at the heart of it
I’m not a target, I’m not involved in the politics
I’m just parting the waters
No followers, just a cause I guess
Blood in the faucets, I fill my cup with it all
I don’t need no cutlery, nah
Just a Caesar’s cut for the charlatans
Shine in the dark and these haunted halls are an orifice
I’m just carving the consciousness
Need a carpenter’s promises

verse 2 [Stogie T]
These are the troubles
Speed bumps demons confronted
One sees in people abundance
Just deep as their discomfort
They comment and follow like the apostles
But still disloyal
Bitter as castor oil, they’re digging ditches in soil
Like how you on your phone hung up on a bitch’s ensemble
But can’t pick yourself up when reality calls you, it’s awkward
Wanna say that you’re wrong but I can’t fault you
We all got a cross to bear, Christ, if it ain’t taught ya
That’s why I’m offish, whole family needs a Morpheus
That lil nigga Neo on pills, dream-walkin’
Holy trinity, God, Son on the spirit and toxins
No nutrition, it’s Pakistan tin fish from the corner
The matriach broken, the heavy load of payments
Y’all owe him, you still got time to be petty, outspoken
Smell the coffee, we’re all day in the tropics
You scanning the trending topics
I’m ? for your optics
Out-swag Versace with a Robert Marley
Churn down to bobby, carbon copy
Can’t outmatch the godly
That’s Kawasaki vs a Harley
Harley opt to dance with titans from an African horizon
Sun might rise again
Jokers need an honouring like poets need a barbican
The tower of my heart string non-partisan
They’re bargin’ in, bargaining prices
This ain’t a market friend
Only way out of this shit is an offering

verse 3 [ZuluMecca]
Hand me my chalice and have me back in my cadacom
Having me fancy, I’m gallon-snacking on abalone
That’s abalone, my salad is Adam Snow
And I’m avid for having more than can handle fatten my bag of gold
Captured by Babylon, the lion of Judah and bibin’ on Ruppert
After nine I’m lying in a stupour
My wine is fucious
My body Cavalli a sutra
The timin’ is crucial
I’m vibing with ? and Buddhas
I sip it through the vine but see the green ones on a Caesar
I’m casting out these lines
I need the seed to feed the people
Imagine all the times I needed peace and got a piece of
Preachings and parables
These are the narratives of the weak and the ravenous
I ain’t speaking of Africans
Flatten yet in silence when catching salmon on land
And they’re stacking crabs in a barrel
I’m thanking that I’m for sharing

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